Allergic To Myself

A place for the autoimmune afflicted


1: (Q) What is an autoimmune disease?

(A) An autoimmune disease is a chronic condition where the immune system for some reason attacks 1 or various        organs of the body.

2: (Q) Is there a cure?

(A) There is currently no cure for any autoimmune disease

3. (Q) Are these diseases fatal?

(A) There is no cure BUT if caught early enough and with proper treatment most diseases can be successfully              managed and may not prove fatal.

4. (Q) How common are autoimmune diseases?

(A) Pretty common, autoimmune diseases affect up to 24 million Americans alone. Although some of the                               diseases are far more common then others.

5. (Q) Who gets autoimmune diseases?

(A) Women of childbearing age, people with a family history, people in a certain environment that might trigger                a disease, people of a certain race or background ( some autoimmune diseases are more common in one race               then another).

6. (Q) how do I find out if I have an autoimmune disease?

(A) Explore your family history, record any symptoms you may be experiencing, see a specialist, get several                          opinions of you feel the need.

7. (Q) Are there any alternative treatments that may help?

(A) There are some herbal remedies, chiropractic, acupuncture and hypnosis. Studies on the actual benefits of                   these treatments is limited.

8. (Q) How can I better deal with flares of my autoimmune disease?

(A) Look for triggers, such as sun, and learn alternative ways to get what you need without exposing yourself to                  those triggers. For example, nuts are one of my triggers.

9. (Q) How do I deal with and live my life with an autoimmune disease?

(A) Get treatment and live an active and balanced lifestyle. Most diseases can be effectively treated allowing you                and me to live mostly normal healthy lives.

10. (Q) What are some things that can be done to help cope with an autoimmune disease?

(A) Eat healthy, well balanced meals, exercise regularly, get enough rest and take steps to reduce your stress                         levels.

thank you to for providing some FAQ and answers.


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